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If you have any Taylor Swift concert/meet & greet photos and videos send them to us with your Name, The date of the event and the the location! If you have exclusive photos or videos please send those to us too send them to us at Taylorswiftsource@gmail.com.

- Taylor Swift Source

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Taylor Swift Source is just a fansite for Taylor Swift we are no way in contact with her, or any one that works with her, or any other star. We do not own any photos and videos on this site they belong to their rightful owners so if there is anything on here and I forgot to credit you please email me at taylorswiftsource@gmail.com

Okay I'm reading my emails and...

By TaylorSource · March 1, 2010

Okay guys I am not Taylor Swift! I'm Charlene and this is just a fansite for her! Please read the stats when you come on here okay because it shows pretty much all the info I'm adding a disclaimer too. I am no way in contact with Taylor or any other star I am just a fan.


- Charlene

Taking a break...

By TaylorSource · February 25, 2010

Hey guys I'm going to take a little break from Taylor Swift Source I just opened a new resource site and It's hard to work on two sites and school so I'm going on hiatus for a few months. I love this site and Taylor but I'm way to busy to run both sites at once. I might be back in July if I'm able to, and also I've noticed a lot of you advertising in the c-box. I'd appreciate it if you didn't advertise because It's rude and I know you wouldn't want me to advertise on your site. I don't mind if you leave your link just don't post it a bunch of times. If you want to be advertised on my site then email me at Taylorswiftsource@gmail.com I'm going to add a new feature for site adds. Affies please don't remove me I will be back. Click here to visit my new site.


- Charlene

Behind The Scenes of Sugar photoshoot

By TaylorSource · January 28, 2010

Here's some behind the scenes photos for Taylor's photoshoot for Sugar magazine. On stands now.


Valentines Day Still

By TaylorSource · January 10, 2010

This is the 1st still for Valentines Day! You excited?

People magazine most intriguing 09 interview

By TaylorSource · January 1, 2010

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